June 2, 2021

Be a lifeline for Sakina and Ari

The long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to hit hard. At ARA, we hear heartbreaking stories like Sakina and Ari’s every day. For families facing tough times before the pandemic, the situation is now desperate.
April 14, 2021

Help Sabah, Amir & Mara achieve their dreams

Like everyone, refugees have their dreams. Right now, the Emergency Support Service is a lifeline for three courageous people. Their plight, and their dreams for a better life are told in this post.
November 13, 2020

Emergency Support Service – Amir

Amir wanted to escape from the stress and uncertainly – he felt he needed to be in nature. He travelled to bushland in the Adelaide Hills and found a cave for shelter. In the depths of a freezing cold winter, and still at risk from this pandemic, Amir had nothing – no food, only the clothes on his back and a basic campfire he made for warmth.
July 9, 2020

Bike Workshop

Learn bike safety and confidence in our new Bike Workshop, July 17 in Salisbury. Numbers are limited - register now!. Supported by the wonderful volunteers at the Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop, and the Australian Government Department for Social Services.
May 25, 2020
Help Jonas

Help ARA’s Emergency Support Service get Jonas to safety

Jonas fled to Australia fearing for his life, with just the clothes on his back. Now his life is in peril once more. He is homeless, sleeping in his car. He is alone, unwell and in grave danger.
May 24, 2020

You’ve made a difference for Mara – thank you

‘I’m so happy I can’t believe it!’ - That’s how Mara, a young mum who recently arrived in Australia, reacted to her new home and new hope for her two little girls.
April 2, 2020

Help ARA’s Emergency Support Service get Mara and her girls to safety

Mara came to Australia with just one wish – to create a new life for her little girls. But without your help, she and her children will soon be homeless amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
November 13, 2019

Support ARA’s Community Educator Appeal

Your donation can help ARA to continue its ground-breaking program addressing domestic violence